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-====== Ostrava ====== 
-For a long time [[https://​​en|Ostrava]] was considered to be only an **industrial** center, it was called the Black Ostrava. But recently Ostrava has done an amazing thing - it has turned its weakness into a strength - it turned the old industrial and mining centers into museums and cultural places. For example, one of the biggest festivals in the Czech Republic, Colours of Ostrava, takes place in a former coalmine, with one of the stages in a gasholder.\\ 
-These days, Ostrava is really a more **cultural** than industrial place, having worldwide artists performing here, such as Iggy Pop, Alanis Morissette, Cranberries or Nick Cave. It also offers a wide range of theatres of all kinds, cinemas, art galleries and music clubs. Not even mentioning the famous Stodoln√≠ Street - the Street That Never Sleeps - with its 70 clubs, pubs and bars in it. 
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