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-====== University ====== +
-VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava is spread into several places. Main campus with student'​s dormitories is located in Poruba district.\\ +
-\\ +
-Rooms in each location starts with different names, for example POREC2 means its in the main campus (POR).\\ +
-\\ +
-Locations:​\\ +
-Campus Poruba: POR\\ +
-Dormitories in Poruba: KOL\\ +
-...\\ +
-\\ +
-You can find maps of different university locations here: [[https://​​en/​university/​contacts-maps-parking/​campus-maps/​|Campus maps]]\\ +
-You can use [[https://​​maps/​|this map]] to try to find your classrooms.+
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